Do I have to Submit to a Deposition?

A deposition is a formal event and is part of almost every litigated case in a Workers’ Compensation Claim and in automobile injury cases.  The deposition gives the insurance company, through their lawyers, a set time when the insurance lawyer may obtain sworn testimony from the injured worker or the plaintiff in an automobile accident case. They can only put you under oath one time (there are a few exceptions).

A Longtime and loyal client…

A Longtime and loyal client just referred a friend of his to me for representation in a work-related injury case. This gentleman called my office and was interviewed by one of my paralegals who really “knows her stuff”. The potential client presented a good case and we could certainly help him. But before she set an appointment she wanted to talk to me. The problem was that this fellow has been represented by another lawyer for about a year.

Strategies for Combating Opioid Addiction Part II

In writing a few days ago I began to address the opioid crisis as seen by an insurance company nurse. This nurse had a few suggestions as to how to fight this crisis. I admit readily that there is a crisis in America over usage of opioids. What I do not like is the heavy-handedness of the insurance companies as they try to control my clients with drug formularies.


Fire fighters, security personnel and policemen all are quite susceptible to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Their jobs place them within harm’s way every day. Many of these great people do not handle PTSD well.